Wajir Cuban Doctor Robbed, Security Beefed Up

  • A Cuban doctor based at the Wajir Referral Hospital has been robbed at his home by unknown individuals. 

    Reporting the incident to Wajir Police Station, the doctor stated that his clothes were stolen from his house on Monday. 

    A police report filed by the doctor records that when he woke up ready to go to work, he was startled to realise that his four long-sleeved shirts, four short-sleeved shirts, and two vests were missing. 

    [caption caption="A section of the Cuban doctors"][/caption]

    He further alleged that someone might have gained access to his house and stole his clothes. 

    However, it is not clear how the accused got access into the house as the doctors have armed security guards attached to them. 

    The Wajir Police Station has since increased police officers guarding the doctor's home.

    Detectives in Wajir have already started investigations into the issue.  

    According to the Nation, the robbery is likely to have taken place during the day as the guards often arrive in the evening. 

    The doctor, whose name could not be revealed, was among those deployed in all 47 counties in the country four weeks ago.

    Each county has been allocated two doctors.

    [caption caption="A Cuban doctor treating a patient in Murang'a County Referral Hospital"][/caption]

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