Parents Warned Over Deadly 'Momo' Whatsapp Challenge

  • Parents have been warned over a dangerous new challenge known as 'Momo' that is spreading like wildfire among teenagers across the globe through messaging application Whatsapp.

    The challenge has so far been reported in Argentina, US, France, Germany and Mexico.

    Authorities in Buenos Aires, Argentina's capital, have linked the shocking suicide of a 12-year old girl to the game.

    Before taking her own life, the girl filmed her activities and police believe that she had received instructions on exactly what to do.

    The game, which targets teenagers, begins with random Whatsapp users being challenged to contact 'Momo' by sending messages to a specific number.

    [caption caption="The strange image displayed as Momo's contact in the challenge"][/caption]

    'Momo' is depicted by a strange-looking image of a woman, with the image having been lifted from the work of Japanese doll artist Midori Hayashi.

    Once the user gets in contact with 'Momo', they are threatened and sent violent messages and shocking, gruesome images.

    Authorities believe that users are then directed to undertake various challenges and record them, similar to the Blue Whale challenge that authorities linked to over 100 teenage suicides in Russia last year.

    Various police departments suspect that the faces behind the game could be using it to collect personal information or encourage violent acts.

    Investigations have so far linked the game's origin to at least seven phone numbers, with some beginning with phone codes from Japan while others trace back to various South American nations.

    [caption caption="A person using Whatsapp on their phone"][/caption]