Whatsapp Group Admin Given More Powers

  • WhatsApp has added new features that help you keep abreast of group chats, whether you're running the administrator or one chatter among many.

    WhatsApp admins have been given a new control under group settings that allow them to restrict who can change the groups' icon, description or subject.

    Groups will now have descriptions, which are short bios that describe what it is about and this will help admins in particular since they won't have to explain every time the purpose of the group.

    Admins also can remove admin permissions from other participants and group creators cannot be removed from the group they started.

    [caption caption="A Whatsapp group chat "][/caption]

    Another feature WhatsApp has added is that users are protected from being repeatedly added to groups they left.

    The feature is important since people have abused this severally where you leave a Group chat and you are added back, which can be annoying.

    All of these features are expected to be available to WhatsApp's Android and iOS clients on Wednesday.

    Meanwhile, Instagram is testing a hidden “Usage Insights” feature, which shows users how much time they spend on the app.

    It is, however, not clear whether the application will tell users the total time spent on Instagram ever or within some shorter time frame like a day, week, or month.

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    Earlier this week, Google announced it will be rolling out a feature designed to keep users informed about how much time they’re spending on YouTube.