Kenyans Troll Kiambu Governor Waititu With Baba Yao Challenge

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  • Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu on Sunday declared that he did not support the ongoing demolitions of structures built on riparian land in Nairobi.

    Waititu suggested that the government should place the burden of diverting the river on the investor instead of demolishing the entire property.

    Mambo ingine mimi naona pale, kama iyo watu wanasupport ubomoaji, mimi hapana support. Mambo iangaliwe, kama nyumba yako imekaribiana na mto, wewe uambiwe ni gharama yako kuhakikisha hiyo mto imesonga kidogo

    Which loosely translates to: (Something I am seeing with people supporting demolitions that I don't support. This should be looked into and if your house is next to the river you should be told to cater for the cost of diverting the river to ensure it moves a bit),” Waititu stated.

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    Here is a compilation of the 10 funniest comments under the #BabaYaoChallenge:

    1. "Don't demolish Taj Mall, move the outer ring road." Think like Ferdinand Waititu.

    2. The weekend is too short... Move it to weekdays #babaYaoChallenge

    3. Instead of impeaching Waititu from his governorship position move Kiambu county to Somali

    4. Dr David Ndii also joined in the fun adding his own twist to the challenge.

    2 + 2 = 5 I don’t support failing children in mathematics. Change the marking scheme

    5. Wenger out, Gunners still losing. Waititu: Let's change the fans.

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    6. Instead of moving people out of the Mau, let people move the water towers away from their homes at cost. #BabaYaochallenge

    7. I don't support the existence of the SGR... Mombasa should just be moved to Githunguri #BabaYaoChallenge

    8. Those complaining of traffic jam on Kîambu road should move the jam to another county, at their own cost.

    9. We have a Kshs.5 Trilion debt... I don't support that our economy is dying just print more money #babayaochallenge

    9."I strongly support  Babayo on this we should move the rivers, mountains, lakes, forest and even Kenya tuipeleke India ikasome huko university.

    A section of Kenyans advocated for Nairobi to adopt the construction of canals to collect and move floodwater away from populated areas.