Taj Mall Owner Addresses DP Wiliam Ruto's Alleged Ownership

  • The owner of Airgate Mall, formerly known as Taj Mall, has come out to address speculation that the controversial building is owned by Deputy President William Ruto.

    Former Nairobi Senatorial aspirant and businessman Ramesh Gorasia dismissed the claims asserting that Ruto held no stake in the shopping complex.

    “Ruto has zero shares. I can show you the title. I’m the owner of Taj Mall,” he told The Star.

    The mall is said to sit on a road reserve and was the subject of a protracted court battle during construction of Outer Ring road.

    Gorasia maintained that he acquired the land legally, rubbishing allegations that the mall sits on public land.

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    He argued that he acquired 1.75 acres in 1991 and two acres in 1995 in Embakasi from Abuja Limited.

    National Lands Commission [NLC] Chair Muhammad Swazuri had in 2017 revealed that the government undertook compulsory acquisition of part of the land in the 1960s for road expansion.

    Gorasia called for the government to target state officials who issued approvals before bringing down buildings.

    “Before demolitions, the state should arrest and charge people who approved construction of the buildings. Those who issued the title deeds should be responsible.

    "If a mistake has been done, let them divert the river, instead of demolishing a building worth billions that authorities have approved,” he stated.

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