Ilhan Omar, Former Dadaab Camp Refugee Wins Minnesota Congressional Primaries

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  • Ilhan Oma, a former Kenyan refugee at Dadaab Camp is on the verge of becoming the first Muslim woman in Congress after winning the Democrat primaries.

    The Somali-American spent four years in the refugee camp before immigrating to the US where she has won the Minnesota Congressional nomination.

    "We started this campaign to prove people are ready and willing to fight for an America that works for all of us," Oma's victory message read.

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    The Congress nominee noted following the win, she is geared to build a coalition "to fight the politics of fear and scarcity".

    "I'm a legislator, a refugee, and a working mom. But above all, I'm an organizer. And I'm ready to organize for the America we deserve. I'm asking you to join me," Ilhan rallied support.

     "To every staff member, volunteer, donor, and voter, this win is just as much yours as it is mine. Together, we will move our district, state and nation forward," the mother of three concluded.

    Among those who congratulated her is Kamukunji MP Yusuf Hassan who termed her a "trailblazer" and her win a "historic moment".

    "Thank you to the great people of Minneapolis. A proud moment for Somali-Americans. Congratulations Ilhan Oma," the Kamukunji legislator noted.

    Oma stamped her place in the American politics in November 2016 when she was elected to Minnesota's House of Representatives becoming the first Muslim woman of Somali origin to win the seat.

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    She is reported to have lived in Dadaab Refugee Camp from the age of 8 after she escaped from the fury of the civil war in Somalia.

    Four years later, at the age 12, the now political science degree holder moved to the U.S. where she settled in the Minneapolis Cedar-Riverside area.