Kiambu Governor Waititu's Wife Susan Ndung'u Arrested

  • Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu's wife Susan Wangare Ndung'u is among 15 people arrested over the illegal and unapproved construction of buildings in Nairobi.

    The buildings are reported to have been constructed on public land without approval from the National Construction Authority (NCA).

    The owners of Jamii Bora building and Delta hotel were apprehended as well.

    [caption caption="Susan Wangare in the dock on 15/8/2018"][/caption]

    The arrest comes days after Waititu came out publicly to oppose the demolition of buildings constructed on the riparian land. 

    In a clip that was highly circulated on social media, Waititu gave an alternative to bringing down buildings on river courses, advocating for the government to place the burden of diverting the river on the investor instead.

    The governor, in an interview on Milele FM, insisted that it is very possible to move the rivers from the buildings being brought down by the Nairobi River Regeneration Task Force.

    "Tunawezajenga walls kupea mto mkondo mpya, haina shida inawezekana kusongeza mto (We can build walls to redirect them, it is not that difficult. It is possible to move a river)," held Governor Waititu. 

    Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko is said to have later intervened and secured her release on a Ksh80,000 bail.

    An audio circulating online revealed Waititu's desperate call to Sonko as he tried to have her freed.

    In the leaked conversation, Sonko is heard calling the officers who arrested Ms Wangare asking him to release her on bail but prosecute 14 others who were apprehended.

    Her case will be heard on 6th September.