British Prime Minister Theresa May to Visit Kenya

  • President Uhuru Kenyatta will host British Prime Minister Theresa May just four days after meeting US President Donald Trump in Washington.

    Theresa May is expected to be in the country at the end of this month to discuss key issues that will foster the relationship between Kenya and UK.

    The two leaders shall have deliberations on trade, security and having joint efforts in the ongoing fight against corruption in Kenya.

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    This will be the fourth meeting between President Kenyatta and the UK Prime Minister.

    Kenyatta will shortly after their meeting travel to China for another State visit within a period of less than a week.

    The Head of State will be in Beijing for the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation where he will meet Chinese President Xi Jinping.

    "In the space of just two weeks, we will have hosted the Big 3; US President, Britain Prime Minister and China's President, and this goes to show our standing in the community of nations," Foreign Affairs CS Monica Juma told journalists in Nairobi on Wednesday.

    Juma further noted that "the balance of trade between Kenya and the UK is in our favour, and we want to see ways to enhance that going forward."

    Discussion on boosting tourism and the top three exports to Britain will be at the center of President Kenyatta's deliberations with May on August 30.

    Tea, flowers and beans are Kenya's leading exports to London while most of the country's tourism earnings are from visits by Britons.

    Date on the tourism sector shows that at least 168,000 British nationals visited the country last year despite the overstretched electioneering period.

    There are about 100 British companies that are operational in Nairobi and it is anticipated that the visit will open more doors for investors to set up in Nairobi.

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