Francis Atwoli Asks Kenyans to Extend President Uhuru’s Term

  • Central Organization of Trade Unions (COTU) Secretary General Francis Atwoli on Tuesday asked Kenyans to give President Uhuru Kenyatta more time to fight corruption.

    Atwoli while addressing African union representatives during the International Labour Organisation training workshop in Kisumu praised Uhuru’s fight against corruption and requested Kenyans to consider extending his term.

    "I want to thank the president for the good job he is doing. Let us give him another five years so he can finish for us corruption," he remarked.

    [caption caption="Cotu Secretary General Francis Atwoli during the workshop in Kisumu"][/caption]

    He remarked he will propose that the Constitution be amended if the fight succeeds.

    "We will increase Uhuru’s presidential term so he can finish up these people," he noted.

    He also advised citizens to be very careful when electing leaders.

    "What I know there are some people if you give them leadership, particularly those who are yearning for leadership, they would run away with the Central Bank of Kenya,” added Atwoli.

    Speaking about Ksh 10,000 bribery allegations in Parliament, he described the legislators involved as "cheap and worse off compared to Koinange Street prostitutes".

    “Our children who go to Koinange are better off. They feed themselves unlike an MP who goes to Parliament to get Sh10,000 bribes.

    "If a whole Member of Parliament can be bribed with Sh10,000, you can imagine the level of corruption in this country," he stated

    Atwoli further added that Kenya has cheap leaders who have lost their dignity because of the poverty in the country.

    "If we have cheap MPs, we will have a cheap government and cheap legislation. Everything will be cheap," the COTU boss concluded.

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