Terryanne Chebet Opens Up on Losing Citizen TV Job

  • Former Citizen TV news anchor Terryanne Chebet opened up on losing her job at the Royal Media Services (RMS)-owned station and how she dealt with it.

    Chebet, who used to headline a popular business news show, disclosed that she learnt a lot from the sacking which came as a shock.

    The former anchor revealed that she did not expect to be fired as she was delivering what was expected of her.

    “The dip that I had when I lost my job could have been a moment of despair. You know like so what next? I was at my prime. I had done a good job, it happened and it had to happen," she stated.

    She is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Fanaka Television, a new TV station covering business, current affairs, sports and entertainment.

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    In an interview with Malkia Africa, Chebet stated that the sacking truly pained her but she chose to stay positive.

    "In retrospect, it was necessary even though I was in so much pain,” she stated.

    Fanaka TV is owned by local shareholders including a high-ranking politician.

    Chebet started out as an actress before working as a news anchor for KBC, CNBC Africa and Citizen TV.

    After she was confirmed as the new Fanaka boss, Chebet embarked on an international benchmarking tour to various leading stations including CNBC Africa and Forbes Africa in Johannesburg.

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