KNH Denies Claims Of Negligence and Harassment of Patient's Relative

  • Kenyatta National Hospital on Wednesday evening responded to claims of negligence after a video of a patient's relative complaining went viral on social media.

    In a press statement sent to, the hospital refuted claims on its part after a lady died due to a severe head injury sustained from a road accident.

    “Unfortunately, there was no available ICU bed at Kenyatta National Hospital but treatment was initiated and the patient admitted in Ward 5B awaiting availability of an ICU bed,” read the statement.

    According to the hospital, the relatives were informed of the unavailability of the bed and were asked to seek help from other hospitals.

    The statement further clarified that the relatives of Hannah Njoki, 68 years, declined the advice due to lack of finances to move her to a private hospital.

    This comes after KNH was put on the spot by a lady who posted a video claiming that her life was in danger after exposing the hospital.

    The lady claimed that the police had been sent to arrest her after she revealed to the hospital Counselor of her possession of photos and video recordings that could incriminate KNH.

    She claimed that the hospital officials did not want her to air her grievances forcing her to hide from the police officers.

    In a rejoinder, the hospital noted: “We wish to state that the hospital has established mechanisms for receiving feedback from our clients and members of public and we would not prevent anybody from expressing their concern on our services.” responded the statement.

    The incident highlights an increase of complaints against the government hospital which has found itself in problems.

    The case of a doctor performing a brain surgery on the wrong patient led to the suspension of KNH CEO Lilian Koros earlier in the year.