President Uhuru Meets British PM Theresa May at State House

  • British Prime Minister Theresa May on Thursday held a joint press conference with President Uhuru Kenyatta during a one-day State visit.

    Speaking at State House, the two leaders expressed optimism about the bond of friendship and co-operation between the countries adding that it would be enhanced with the signing of a number of agreements.

    1. Security Matters

    President Uhuru stated they had discussed cooperation on security matters and in the war against terrorism.

    “We welcome UK to support African Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) and other members of the international community to also support this important mission to enhance security in our region,” he conveyed.

    On her part, the Prime Minister announced that Britain would soon unveil a package for AMISOM, the peacekeeping team that comprises of Kenyan soldiers maintaining peace in the war-torn country.

     2. Framework of Return of Assets from Proceeds of Corruption and Crimes in Kenya

    The British Prime Minister pledged to ensure proceeds of corruption and crime hidden in Britain are returned in support for Uhuru's Big 4 agenda.

    "I welcome the President’s commitment to political reconciliation in this country. The UK stands with the inclusive bridge building process as you further work to strengthen your democracy and institutions," she stated.

    Welcoming her remarks, Uhuru stated: “This is because fighting corruption is an important aspect of my legacy together with the unity in our country and attainment of the Big 4 Agenda.”

    May noted that the UK was the largest foreign investor in Kenya and it was their ambition to be the G7’s no. 1 investor in Africa by 2022 assuring that Britain's departure from the EU would not undermine its trade relations with Kenya.

    Uhuru lauded the PM’s assurances that the current duty-free quarter for Kenyan exports would continue after Brexit.

    “We have also discussed the UK and broader Commonwealth issues and we have indicated that Kenya will be pressing forward on the basis of a fair market arrangement with a view of mutual win-win arrangements in the Commonwealth,” he stated.

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