Police Raid CGTN Media House Headquarters in Nairobi

  • Heavily armed police officers on Wednesday raided China Global Television Network (CGTN) Africa Headquarters in Nairobi.

    According to reports, about a dozen police with automatic weapons raided the media house rounding up staff members and demanding identity/alien cards and work permits from mostly expatriates working there. 

    However, some of the foreigners working at CGTN had not carried their IDs and were arrested and taken to the Kilimani Police Station.

    A video posted online showed journalist Saddique Shaban enquiring why the police were harassing the foreigners while asking for their Identity Cards.

    Shaban posted on his Twitter: "Whilst government agencies have a right to conduct their business, but the manner in which they stormed CGTN Africa HQ is despicable, unprofessional and dangerous."

    He further added: "Several Chinese Staff members are currently unaccounted for after being violently arrested and taken away by police."

    The journalist also responded to claims that he had been arrested after standing up to the officers who were armed.

    "Contrary to reports, I have not been arrested or apprehended. Officers conducting the operation refused to hear pleas from the rest of us to conduct themselves with more decorum and order. Brandishing guns and raiding newsrooms is not how they ought to conduct themselves," Shaban stated.

    About 3,434 foreigners illegally working in the country were put on the immigration watch list and their details circulated to all points of entry.

    Interior CS Fred Matiang'i earlier on stated that a work permit verification established that the foreigners came to the country on tourist visas but started working illegally.

    Here is a video courtesy:


    Time 15:24: Police stated that the 13 Chinese nationals who were arrested on Wednesday morning at CGTN/CCTV were freed after the Immigration Department confirmed they were in Kenya legally. 

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