Police Arrest KDF Soldiers Over Illegal Possession of Firearms

  • Police in Nanyuki on Thursday apprehended officers believed to be members of the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) for plotting an illegal transportation of firearms from Nairobi.

    The two KDF soldiers were arrested in Nanyuki town as they were transporting ammunition from Nairobi to Isiolo in a Probox.

    Laikipia East OCPD Kizito Mutoro confirmed that the two were found with 750 special rounds of ammunition used in AK-47 rifles.

    Rounds of ammunition

    "We received information that the soldiers were boarding a Probox car to Isiolo and upon searching, we found a heavy container with the weapons. We first suspected the container had explosives,” stated Mr Mutoro.

    The police boss indicated that consultations were made with the KDF department to take up the matter.

    Mutoro noted that the arrested soldiers rank as senior privates and were taken to Nanyuki Police Station and later handed over to military police.

    Detective shall be deployed to search the soldiers' houses before handing them over to the anti-terror unit if found to have links with Al Shabaab or Al Qaeda terror groups.

    Early in September, two men were arrested in  Nanyuki on suspicion that they were having links with terror groups.

    The two suspects held crusades in the town and were believed to be targeting youth for recruitment into radicalised groups.

    KDF Soldiers on patrol in Somalia