Thika Road Matatu Plunges Into Dam Killing Passengers

  • Several people are feared dead after a Monday night accident involving a 14-seater-matatu plying the Githurai 45 route along Thika Road.

    According to the police, the vehicle plunged into the Clay City dam at around 7:30 p. m. on Monday after hitting a pickup while speeding towards the CBD.

    Confirming the incident, Kasarani OCS told that the matatu lost control veering off the highway into an adjacent dam sinking with several passengers onboard.

    "The vehicle was removed but some of the people in the matatu could not be found at night. The driver of the matatu is among those who died. His body resurfaced this morning and we still have officers at the scene trying to establish whether there are more bodies in the water," stated the OCS.

    The accident sparked protests in Githurai on Tuesday morning with area residents expressing distress over the open dam.

    "We are not sure how many bodies are missing and there were protests in the morning because the residents are complaining that more people could still be in the dam.

    "We are doing our best, the dam is very deep but there are enough officers carrying out the search," the officer leading the operation told on phone.

    There was a heavy traffic build up on Thika Superhighway for the better part of the morning on both sides of the stretch between Githurai and Kasarani.

    The angry protesters barricaded Thika Road using bonfires in what is believed to be fury over the open dam at Clay City.

    On Monday night, locals strived to help save the lives of the passengers.

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