MCA Mary Njambi Testifies on Speaker Elachi's Impeachment Drama

  • Nominated MCA Mary Njambi on Thursday appeared before the Powers & Privileges Committee to defend her actions when she dramatically stormed into the now ousted Nairobi Speaker Beatrice Elachi's office.

    The politician whose kriminoo remarks went viral following an allegation that Elachi used pepper spray on her, told the committee that she did not have any intention of causing chaos as captured in video footage.

    "Nani alikuja na fujo? wakati niliingia nilisikia nimepigwa, sasa ni nani alitumia fujo hapo (I walked into the office and before I knew it I was hit with pepper spray in my eyes. Who, in this scenario, perpetrated the chaos?

    Distancing herself from the chaos, Njambi added that after being pepper-sprayed she could not see clearly.

    "Mimi nilikuwa naona dim, hakuna kitu niliona. Kama kuna wengine waliingia wakamisbehave, hiyo ni mbaya (I could not see clearly. If there are MCAs who stormed the office and misbehaved, that was not good).

    The nominated MCA further told the committee that her intention was not to have Elachi removed from office forcefully, rather calling for dialogue on the matter.

    Her testimony was in direct contradiction with the footage captured during the dramatic incident where she could be clearly heard shouting, "Aende! Tumesema hatumtaki Why can't she (Elachi) go, We are fed up!"

    She further concluded that she was in no position to defend herself adding that the incident had greatly affected her health - especially her eyes.

    "Pengine nipate mtu anaweza nitetea, sababu mimi kutoka hiyo siku, macho yangu, mi nimgonjwa. Kunaweza kuwa a good samaritan anitetee, haki itendeke (since that day, 'I've been sick, my eyes have been greatly affected. Maybe there's a good samaritan who will come out and defend me in court where justice will prevail)"

    On accusations that she partook in a drinking spree with her fellow MCAs before the incident, Njambi disclosed that she is a staunch Christian with a high moral standard.

    "Tena mchana? Siku ya kazi? Mimi sijui... By the way, mimi nimeokoka, mimi nasikia vibaya sana (Drinking during the day? I don't know anything about that.. By the way, I am a Christian and such an accusation disappoints me)"

    Here is the video courtesy of NTV: