Supa Modo is Kenya's Submission to Oscars, Rafiki Loses Out

Kenyan film Rafiki has lost out on the chance to be nominated for an Oscar to another film Supa Modo.

In a statement seen by, the Kenyan Oscars selection committee chose Supa Modo noting that in addition to meeting all the criteria set for submission it was a strong body of work on the technical aspect and with a great entertainment value.

"After consideration of all the points and the strengths and weaknesses of the film, the Oscars Selection Committee Kenya hereby confirms that it has selected Supa Modo as the Kenyan submission to the 91st Academy Awards (Oscars) in the category of Best Foreign Language Film," the committee stated.

Supa Modo beat Njata and Rafiki with the committee making exceptions to consider the latter.

Following its release, Rafiki was banned and for it be submitted for the Academy awards it needed to be screened. However, earlier in September, a high court temporarily lifted the ban allowing it to be screened.

The committee, aware of the extenuating circumstances noted, "The Selection Committee made a decision to break the set deadline and admit the film Rafiki for consideration.

"In the interest of common justice, given the huge public interest in this matter, but also so as to satisfy our own curiosity and conscience, therefore, it behoved the selection Committee to oblige the Court ruling, even though it fell outside of our set timeliness," the statement reads.

This film also had all the items on the checklist ticked off apart from the DVD copy because it is still illegal to hold a copy of the same movie in Kenya.

"The criteria of a theatrical release was met through the court injunction and the screening at Prestige Plaza. As we make this statement the film is on the 6th day of screening and will meet the minimum 7-day timeframe required by Saturday 29th September 2018.

"That notwithstanding we were satisfied that the entry met a majority of requirements needed to consider it as a valid entry. The film was indeed a worthwhile entry and was received well by the Selection Committee without favour nor prejudice," the committee assured.

The other film, Njata did not make the cut as it did not satisfy all the Academy's parameters.


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