Jacque Maribe's Exchange With Joe Irungu Linked to Suicide Attempt

  • Citizen TV journalist Jacque Maribe has named some of her friends with details of the scenes from a popular club, detailing an altercation linked to the controversial shooting of Joe Irungu.

    Maribe, in her statement to the investigating officers, named some of her friends who were present at a club where she was involved in a bitter exchange with Joe.

    As more details on the murder of Monica Kimani get uncovered, police may call the persons named by the news anchor as a formality to ascertain whether her claims are true.

    In her account, Maribe says Joe traced her to 40 Forty Club at around 2.30 a.m where she was partying with her colleagues and other friends.

    Evidently infuriated, Irungu, while in pajamas and slippers, tried to access the area where Ms Maribe was seated with some friends and VIPs at the club's rooftop.

    Security officers are reported to have blocked Joe from accessing the area prompting his bitter exchange with Maribe.

    Those who witnessed the incident at the club say Irungu was with some seven men at the time he arrived looking for Ms Maribe.

    The Standard reports that the VIPs left Maribe, her friends and Irungu at the club but the couple left after a short while but appeared to be in a quarrel.

    Witnesses have also revealed to the police that the journalist had shouted at Irungu demanding her car keys and ATM cards during the exchange at the club.

    Irungu, the main suspect in Monica's murder, is said to have used Maribe's car on the night of the brutal killing.

    Police believe the two left the club to their Royal Park residence in Langata where Irungu is alleged to have tried to commit suicide using a pistol.

    Earlier, they had linked Irungu's gunshot wound to an attack by men on a bodaboda outside their house but the journalist has since changed her statement.

    She has now told the police that Irungu tried to commit suicide in her house. On Monday, a Kiambu court detained Maribe for 10 days to allow further investigations into the murder.