Details of 72-year-old Driver Involved in Kericho Accident Emerge

  • Details have emerged about the 72-year-old driver who was steering the ill-fated bus that claimed 56 lives at Kericho.

    According to Cleophas Toto Shimanyula, the owner of the bus christened "Home Boyz", the driver was a man he only identified as Lucas.

    Shimanyula further revealed that the driver has worked with the bus company for 8 years in the 16 years they have been in operation.

    Debris at the Fort Ternan accident scene

    Reports by Nation indicate that those who have worked with the veteran driver indicated that he does not drink and was duly licensed to drive PSV buses.

    Visiting the scene of the grisly accident, Shimanyula indicated that he did not know the fate of the driver and the conductor of the bus.

    Lucas was on the verge of completing a 800-kilometre trip between Kakamega and Nairobi which saw speculation arise on the possibility of fatigue and sleep having likely played part in the accident.

    Survivors who lived to tell of the ordeal revealed that the bus was being recklessly driven for the better part of the journey between Naivasha and Fort Ternan, Kericho.

    The pleas and complains from the passengers reportedly fell on deaf ears with the driver and conductors reported to have been rude.

    On Wednesday, the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) Director General Francis Meja revealed that the ill-fated vehicle was not licensed to operate at night.

    The wreckage of the ill-fated "Home Boyz" bus

    The NTSA Director further stated that the owners of the bus will face prosecution over flouting the night travel law.