Chinese Man Claims Ownership of Ksh2 Billion Property Near State House

A Chinese man was in court on Wednesday fighting for the ownership of a Ksh2 Billion property near State House, Nairobi.

The man, Mr Yu Donghui, told the court that he had purchased the prime property in 2013 with the intent of putting up a business centre.

The Chinese investor outlined that he had acquired the property through Catham Properties Limited, however, he could not produce a receipt to support his claim.

Two other companies, Delta Haulage Services Limited and Samvo Limited, came out before High Court Judge Elijah Ombaga claiming to be the owners of the land.

Mr Donghui told the court that former Lands Cabinet Secretary Charity Ngilu witnessed the ground-breaking ceremony before she became Kitui governor.

He further explained that he had no legal documentation of the ownership because the chief lands registrar cancelled his title on September 22 2014.

The Chinese investor narrated that his title was revoked after Delta Haulage Director Mr Ali Mohammed Egal challenged its authenticity.

He added that, in the end, the only valid title held by the Ministry of Lands was that of Delta Haulage Services Limited until Samvo Limited also moved to challenge its authenticity.

Other respondents in the suit named are Samvo Limited, NLC, Chief Land Registrar, Catham and vendors who gave Mr Donghui the deed in 2014, one Mr Christopher Mugoye Wamae and Alexander Kung’u Maina.

The Attorney General, defending the Chief Land Registrar told the court that the Chinese investor could not be compensated for his loss from taxpayers' money since the deal was a case of fraud.


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