Dramatic Arrest in Parklands After 2 Conmen Threw Customer Out of Moving Car

  • A dramatic car chase was witnessed in Nairobi's Parklands area on Wednesday after a man was thrown out of a moving vehicle.

    A motorist along Mpaka Road route waved down an armed police officer who was manning a bank nearby who obliged and boarded the citizen's car.

    The officer shot in the air a few times and finally deflated the tyres of the car whose occupants were discovered to be online scammers.

    Mr Sameer Abdulaziz Kazim and Paul Kavoi Musili had swindled the man who they threw out of the car out of Ksh732,000.

    Police who reported to the scene searched the suspects' car and found Ksh400,000 in their possession, money believed to have been taken from the passenger they threw out of the car.

    The victim who had bruises on his elbows and knees narrated that he engaged with the two men on the online buy and sell platform OLX.

    He added that the two had advertised steel bars at the cost of Ksh732,000.

    According to the victim, the suspects arranged a meeting in Westlands and after driving for a while he handed over the money he had and afterwards, they turned violent and threw him out of the car.

    The suspects were taken by the police and locked up at the Parklands Police Station.

    Arresting officers urged members of the public to exhibit caution in dealing with online businessmen.

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