2 Reasons Joseph Irungu aka Jowie Wants to Be Released

  • Joseph Irungu, the man facing murder charges over the brutal murder of Monica Kimani, claims he is yet to receive proper medical attention since his arrest.

    The fiancé to Citizen TV journalist Jacque Maribe claimed that he had only been given painkillers that had stopped being effective.

    "I have a wound on my left shoulder that has not been properly attended to by medical doctors and I have only been on painkillers which have not been of any good use to me as I am in constant pain," stated Irungu.

    Judge Jessie Lessit, before handing the case to Justice James Wakiaga, had directed that Irungu be given proper medical attention following an appeal by his legal team.

    Irungu aka Jowie, explained that the police failed to follow the directive issued a week ago even after he complained of the discomfort he was in.

    "I honestly and sincerely promise to abide by all conditionalities that may be set to enable me get proper medication for my wound and attend to the heading of this case slated for while on bond,” remarked Jowie.

    He further stated that he should be released on the basis that he does not know any witnesses hence he would not interfere with investigations into the brutal murder of Monica.

    "In any event, I do not know any of the said witnesses, let alone any intentions of talking to them.

    "Deep down, I know I am totally and completely innocent over the allegations levelled against me," remarked the fiancé.

    Judge James Wakiaga directed Irungu and Maribe to appear in court on October 24 for their bail application hearing.

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