How Referendum Will Discipline Shameless Elected Leaders- Raila Odinga

  • ODM leader Raila Odinga Twitter
  • ODM leader Raila Odinga stated that the Constitution should be changed to discipline the conduct of members of county assemblies.

    Odinga noted that the county assemblies had become "theatres of the absurd".

    He cautioned MCAs that this was an insult to the Kenyan electorate.

    "The Kenyan society is saddened by the developments in our county assemblies. They have become theatres of the absurd hence there is an urgent need to rectify the situation in the upcoming referendum to improve services to the people," Odinga remarked.

    Opposition leader Raila Odinga

    Odinga noted that instead of debating issues to improve people’s livelihoods, MCAs have resorted to ‘violence and thuggery’.

    "We must initiate changes in the governance of our county assemblies so that they can provide services to the people instead of arguing all the time about allowances, car and house loans among other things," the former Primer stated.

    The ODM leader condemned the violence witnessed during chaotic scenes in county assemblies.

    “It hurts me when I see a man fight someone’s wife when chaos breaks out in the county assemblies. The law does not allow you to attack even your own wife,” he added.

    Odinga was accompanied by his wife Ida, Central Organisation of Trade Unions secretary-general Francis Atwoli, Senate Minority Leader James Orengo and ODM chairman John Mbadi.

    Opposition leader Raila Odinga

    “We have already put together a team going around to collect peoples’ views on the proposed changes that will be effected whether some people like it or not,” he stated.