2000 Arrested in Matatu Crackdown in First Day of Matatu Crackdown

  • The Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet has announced that over 2000 people have been arrested in the ongoing crackdown on public service vehicles.

    He was addressing members of the press when he disclosed that the individuals included both matatu operators and passengers, as well as private vehicle users.

    Boinnet further urged commuters to use vehicles that had complied with the Michuki laws to avoid brushing shoulders the wrong way with enforcers.

    He insisted that no cars will be allowed back on the roads without adhering to the regulations.

    Those who want to tempt us by bringing to the highways vehicles that have not been tested and have no authority to come to the road... it will be very difficult for them,” stated the IG.

    He added, “Do not bring your vehicle to the road if it has not complied with the set rules and regulations… if you do, do not say you were not warned. Just try us.”

    Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang'i also dismissed the striking matatus by reiterating that the government will not back down on enforcing the law.

    He told reporters that “the operators who have decided to withdraw their vehicles from the road can keep them home as long as they want because we are not changing our position.”

    The crackdown is being implemented countrywide and no region has been spared.

    The government has also vowed to punish operators and Saccos that have hiked fare or are participating in the strike.