KTN's Akisa Wandera and Citizen TV's Mashirima Kapombe Openly Discuss Huge Salaries

  • It is not a secret that most Kenyans believe it costs media houses a whole fortune to have the best faces and talent on their screens, more so at the prime time.

    Two news anchors, Akisa Wandera (KTN News) and Citizen TV's Mashirima Kapombe, found themselves in a debate on suspicion that they could be pocketing at least a Ksh1,200,000 monthly salary.

    The debate had emerged from Akisa's post on a former Permanent Secretary who claims to have made millions from growing and selling cucumber.

    In a tweet targeting Akisa, who was recently promoted to the prime time newsdesk, Griffins Ongori held that "News anchors earn some pretty good money you know! Sh1.2M."

    Akisa had sarcastically asked KOT to give her 'do it yourself' tips that could also help her make the huge amount of money from selling cucumber.

     It all started here, with more users wondering why she was in denial arguing that -she would not make the details of her pay public even if it were true that she earns that much.

    Jokingly, Akisa's colleague, Ken Aseka replied holding that being single, she would lack the need for such a pay, and roped in Mashirima who left KTN a few months ago.

    "Akisa, what am I hearing? Hii yote unapeleka wapi na huna majukumu? Hata pilau bado hatujala! Mashirima  heri nyinyi," remarked Aseka.

    Some could not take her evident denial, daring her to disclose the exact amount as none of them was keen on having to borrow from her.

    Akisa took it lightly as Mashirima laughed of the thick check speculations that are usually spawned in the media house transfers that are always linked to 'greener pastures.' 

    "Did you know we are earning Ksh1.2 Million!?," she asked Mashirima who replied in earnest saying; "I've just learned this today."