Babu Owino, Jaguar Apologise in Parliament [VIDEO]

  • Legislators Babu Owino (Embakasi East) and Charles Kanyi alias ‘Jaguar’ (Starehe) were on Thursday forced to tender an apology to Parliament following their scuffle that happened last year.

    During the morning session chaired by Kuresoi North MP Moses Cheboi, Babu made a hilarious statement when he was issuing his apology to the house, that did not please the Deputy Speaker.

    "I would like to say that Mr. Speaker, on that particular day I did not slap Hon Jaguar, it is his cheeks that moved to my hands," he stated upon which Cheboi ordered he repeat it.

    Here is the video courtesy of Citizen TV:

    On his part, Starehe MP tendered his unreserved apology to the house without the theatrics observed with his colleague.

    "I acted adversely on the dignity on the members of the house and I will abide by the standards of leadership set out in the constitution. I beseech to be admitted to the chamber," Jaguar stated.

    After his apology, Cheboi declared, "You are now an honourable member of this house."

    The duo was reprimanded by the Powers and Privileges committee chaired by the Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi and ordered to apologise on the floor of the house.

    MPs Babu Owino (L) and Charles Kanyi AKA Jaguar (R)