Dedan Kimathi's Widow Eloise Mukami's Security Detail Withdrawn

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  • The government has withdrawn the security detail of freedom fighter Dedan Kimathi's widow Eloise Mukami, the family revealed.

    In protest, the family, led by her granddaughter Evelyn Kimathi, on Wednesday, stated that Mukami's bodyguards had been withdrawn without notice.

    "Removing all her security details in Njabini and a bodyguard in Nairobi that Kibaki gave and left intact, will not deter her spiritual journey.

    "It will only make it smooth knowing that it is only God who gives protection," Evelyn stated.

    Dedan Kimathi's wife Eloise Mukami with her granddaughters Evelyne Mukami (left) & Miriam Kimathi at the Supreme Court

    She added that her driver was the first to go about a year ago when he was disarmed.

    "Two of Mukami’s aides were withdrawn a week ago. We are wondering what wrong we have committed to warrant this.

    "We fear for our mother, who is ailing, cannot be rushed to hospital in case of an emergency," she was quoted by the Star.

    Evelyn further told the publication that upon seeking clarification, Njabini Administration Police commandant told her that the security was withdrawn because there was nothing much to guard at the home.

    Users online were of a similar opinion with one Peter Njoroge noting, "With all due respect, Cucu doesn't need security, she needs a helper, a home sit-in nurse and lots of love...and upkeep. Let the bodyguards be released for other needy causes."

    On his part, Nyandarua county commissioner Boaz Cherutich stated that the officers were still stationed at Mukami's home.

    Eloise Mukami's granddaughter Evelyne Mukami

    "I checked with the officer in charge of the AP and they have not been withdrawn. Maybe it is some misinformation," the Star reported.