Makueni Governor Kivutha Kibwana Hints at Joining 2022 Presidential Race

  • Makueni Governor Kivutha Kibwana addressing a public participation forum Twitter
  • Makueni County Governor Kivutha Kibwana told delegates at the Public Finance and Tax 2018 Conference that he would reconsider his decision to avoid presidential politics.

    However, Kivutha gave the lawyers in attendance one condition that would prompt him to join the race that may see a shift and realignment of political fortunes.

    Governor Kibwana promised them that if three-quarter of them pledged their support and wrote to him asking that he joins the presidential race, he would give in to their request.

    Makueni Governor addressing delegates at the Public Finance and Tax 2018 Conference

    "If you write me a letter saying that 75 percent of you think it is a good idea and that you will support, then I will take it seriously," he told the delegates.

    He also spoke on the potential that Kenyan county Governments have to be lenders to the national government if they chose to be serious investors

     "If counties generate additional own sources of revenue, they can choose to invest by lending to the national government," Kivutha suggested.

    The Governor has in the past made it clear that he was not interested in joining the presidential bid.

    A good number of Kenyans, however, have taken to Social Media to promise that if he agreed to run for the presidency, they would support him.

    Makueni Governor at the Public Finance and Tax 2018 Conference

    Some even suggested that if he didn't show interest, they would force his name to be included in the ballot papers.

    The Makueni Governor's popularity has been rising owing to the hard work, humility and dedication he has shown in serving his constituents.