Nairobi Senator Johnstone Sakaja Moves to Stop Matatu Ban

  • Nairobi Senator Johnston Sakaja on Monday moved to court to try and resolve the transport crisis occasioned by the ban on matatus from accessing the CBD.

    The Senator filed a case seeking to suspend the implementation of the ban until the County Government provides an alternative solution.

    The senator has been vocal about his opposition to Governor Mike Sonko’s move to block Public Service Vehicles (PSVs) from the City centre.

    “I know people are worried kesho mtashukishwa wapi na matatu (where shall we be dropped tomorrow) because someone just decided that matatu zisiingie town without providing an alternative and a proper method," he noted.

    He was speaking at a church service in Deliverance Church Langata, where he was celebrating the consecration of Bishop Dr Njuguna. 

    He urged the county government to be cognizant of the effects of the ill-advised decision by explaining that the new regulations punished the commuters more than the matatu operators. 

    The lawmaker also narrated a sad story of an expectant mother who had collapsed after walking for a long distance in search of a matatu.

    His petition has been celebrated by many people who thought of it as timely and being in the best interest of the citizens. 

    However, a section of individuals called for more proactive measures that include negotiations as opposed to reactive plans which have now pit the Nairobi Governor against the Senator. 

    Emmanuel Nkuri a netizen commented that, "Our leaders are failing us, instead of holding different meetings in different places why don't you work together."