Governor Mike Sonko Speaks on CBD Matatu Ban

  • Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko on Monday addressed the directive barring matatus from entering the CBD.

    Addressing the Senate County Public Investment Committee, Sonko apologised to Kenyans for the pain caused by the ban.

    Sonko, however, asked commuters and Nairobians to support the move exuding optimism that the situation will improve.

    The chairman of the committee arrived for the sitting late partially blaming it on the transport havoc in the city.

    "I know the pain that this has caused to commuters coming from Ngara, Muthurwa and other routes," Sonko stated.

    Nevertheless, the Governor appeared adamant on overturning the directive indicating that a time has come to address the transport issue in Nairobi once and for all.

    "We have been spending a lot of taxpayers money going to benchmark in Dubai and elsewhere but when we come back home we do nothing.

    We have invested heavily in the transport industry but we don't have any intention to punish the same people we are working for," Sonko added.

    As part of short term intervention, Sonko indicated that NYS buses will be used to transport physically challenged people from their bus stops to the CBD.

    Sonko was appearing before the Committee to answer to issues raised by the Auditor General in the audit for 2014/15 Financial Year.

    On his part, the County's CEC Transport indicated that the move to have the terminals outside the city was informed by the fact that most commuters embark at these stations.

    The Nairobi boss is set to appear before the Senate Transport committee on Wednesday to respond to questions about the heavily-criticized ban.