President Uhuru Kenyatta Vows to Reject Bill for MPs' Pay Rise

  • President Uhuru Kenyatta, on Wednesday, declared that he would not assent to the Parliamentary Service Bill 2018 which proposes more benefits for MPs.

    Speaking at a stop-over in Kiambu County, the Head of State stated that elected leaders should be more concerned about the changing lives of their constituents rather than pursuing selfish agendas.

    "As leaders, we should not be more concerned about how to bring more wealth to ourselves, but should instead prioritize the needs of our people. Every leader has a responsibility to uplift the lives of the millions of Kenyans who look up to us as their leaders and representatives.

    "Najua wengi watakasirika kuhusu hii kitu lakini mimi naungana na wananchi (I know many (MPs) will not be happy, but I stand with Kenyans)," Uhuru affirmed.

    He added that people were yearning for more development and solutions that would improve their livelihoods.

    "We must stop politicking every day and come together as leaders to build our nation and to ensure we deliver to our people that which we promised them when they elected us," he stated.

    The bill seeks to give the Parliamentary Service Commission (PSC) powers to determine the perks of the 416 members of the National Assembly and the Senate, as well as their two Speakers.

    From the debates in parliament, the bill is sure to sail through with overwhelming support from both sides of the aisle.

    The bill already went through the first and second reading with the MPs urging that the media had distorted the bill to demonize the legislators.

    Minority leader John Mbadi stated “The communication department is failing. Why do we pay staff working at the department yet they cannot give the correct position of this Bill? This is disheartening."

    In the constitution, a bill passed by parliament can only become law when accented by the President.