Government To Modify Nairobi Roads Over BRT Introduction

  • The government has approved a plan aimed at adapting a new transport system that will see various roads in Nairobi’s Central Business District (CBD).

    Speaking during a transportation workshop, department for housing and urban development Permanent Secretary Charles Hinga Mwaura explained that the change was necessary for the reduction of traffic congestion.

    The project designs feature policies on access and movement including cycling paths and pedestrian friendly walkways. This will facilitate ease of movement and achieve the affordable housing program objectives,” noted Mwaura.

    In the plan, which is incorporated in the implementation of 500,000 affordable housing programme, will see four highways in the CBD modified to include a Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) lane.

    The highways include Kenyatta Avenue, Haille Selassie Avenue, Moi Avenue and University way.

    Mwaura further revealed that the projects had stalled due to budgetary constraints.

    The plan also proposes the extension of a corridor through Nairobi CBD and aims at putting up other routes through the downtown area.

    The BRT system, which had been set for introduction in the Kenya earlier this year, was a benchmark from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and was estimated to have a capacity of 160 passengers.

    BRT design will include specific station locations with mapped out intersections and specified links of the system’s network.

    Outside the city center, Thika superhighway, Jogoo Road, Mombasa Road and Outer Ring Road will also be modified to have a set aside BRT lane.