Court Allows Reverend Timothy Njoya to Evict Alleged Step Mum

  • Retired Reverend Timothy Njoya Daily Nation
  • Reverend Timothy Njoya has been allowed by the court to evict a woman who was claiming to be his stepmother.

    The contested parcel of land was initially registered in the name of his father, Njoya wa Murere, who died of prostate cancer in 1996 aged 88.

    The court ruled that Mary Wangui Maina was a trespasser by dismissing her argument that she was a widow of Njoya’s late father.

    Reverend Timothy Njoya conducting a sermon

    Wangui, in her court documents, insisted that she was Murere’s wife having cohabited with him in 1977 until his death in 1996.

    In his witness statement, Njoya indicated that Wangui was only his father’s house-help and nothing more.

    Rev Njoya explained that her services were terminated in 1990 because the older Njoya needed special medical care for prostate cancer.

    He told the court that the woman built a hut in the land a few years after his father passed away.

    Njoya indicated that he first heard Ms Maina's allegations when he planned to sell the parcel of land to Thika Coffee Mills Ltd in 2005.

    It was when I was served with her application for revocation of grant in May 2005, that I learned that she was claiming to be a widow of my father and that she wanted to inherit it belatedly,” stated Njoya.

    Netizens seemed to side with Wangui by advising the retired religious leaders to consider giving her a small piece of the 4-acre land.

    Reverend Timothy Njoya during an interview