President Uhuru Kenyatta Launches New Kenyan Currency

  • President Uhuru Kenyatta on Tuesday launched the new Kenyan currency in accordance with the 2010 constitution.

    Officiating the launch of the new generation currency at the CBK, he noted, "We shall be unveiling a set of new generation coins which are compliant with our 2010 constitution. I am extremely pleased that today we can achieve another milestone."

    "I am informed that the new generation coins continue the tradition of depicting an aspect that best describes our country," he added.

    The new coins will begin to circulate from Tuesday and will bear symbols not portraits of persons.

    The new currency will contain features that make them accessible to visually impaired people.

    He received the coins which are now legal tender and distributed some to people present during the event.

    Uhuru explained that the country's economy could not grow without factoring in small and medium enterprises.

    "Next year, we need to sit down with you and see how we open up access to credit for the young people of Kenya. They have ideas, but no title deeds. They are innovative, but no logbooks. We have to find a way to enable them to fund their idea," he stated.

    The President further received a dividend cheque from CBK being that the government is a shareholder of the bank.

    He received a cheque worth Kshs800 Million which he, thereafter, deposited at the CBK banking counter.