Police Warn Clubgoers of Increase in Drink Spiking Gangs

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  • The Government, through the police service, has warned clubgoers over the increase in gangs which spike revellers' drinks and then steal from them.

    Head of Anti-Narcotic Police Unit Hamisi Masa also revealed that the gangs had devised new ways in their line of business.

    Masa claimed that they collude with bartenders in order to drop stupefying drugs in unsuspecting victims' drinks.

    The gangs have dominated clubs in Nairobi and other major towns around the country.

    Revelers in a Kenyan Club

    He further explained that the criminals purchase the drugs from chemists without prescription.

    The most common drug, which can be easily found in chemists around the city, is Stilnox tablet and is sold for Kshs480.

    However, Stilnox’s generic versions, Nirest and Zolpidem, can be purchased for much lower prices of Kshs10 and Kshs20 respectively.

    Masa, therefore, asked clubgoers to be vigilant every time they head out to clubs especially during this festive season.

    The criminals pretend to start a conversation with a targeted reveller before lacing their drink with a drug,” he advised.

    In November, DCI arrested two women, Mary Nyaguthii Mathari and Mary Nyamwea Gathiaka, who were accused of drugging and then robbing revelers around Nairobi entertainment joints.

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