Jacque Maribe Surprised by Citizen TV Colleagues on Her Birthday

  • Citizen TV Director of Innovation and Strategy Linus Kaikai Twitter
  • On Tuesday afternoon, Citizen TV journalist Jacque Maribe was caught by surprise after her colleagues pulled a fast one on her in the newsroom.

    Upon returning to the newsroom at around 4 pm, Maribe, who had been asked by the Director of Innovation and Strategy Linus Kaikai to sign a work-related letter, immediately discovered it was a prank.

    Kaikai, alongside Editorial Director Joe Ageyo and Swahili news Managing Editor, Jamila Mohamed, arrived in the room carrying a cake with the popular 'Happy Birthday' song.

    Maribe with Linus Kaikai and Swaleh Mdoe during the birthday party

    Soon after, other journalists, who had been silent all along, also joined in the celebrations and songs.

    The journalists present included Swaleh Mdoe, Francis Gachuri, Faiza Maganga, Saida Swaleh, Chemutai Goin, Dorcas Wangira, Sam Gituku, Enock Sikolia, Dennis Otieno, Kadzo Gunga, Hassan Mugambi and Makori Ongechi among others.

    On the other hand, Maribe and fiancé Joseph 'Jowie' Irungu surprised Kenyans when they appeared in court earlier in the morning for the mention of their case.

    They were seen embracing each other in public for the first time since their indictment.

    The relationship between Jacque and Jowie became rocky after they were linked to the murder of Monica Kimani in her Kilimani apartment on September 19.

    It also emerged in court that the prosecution was yet to supply both Maribe and her co-accused, Irungu, with statements from protected witnesses in order to prepare their defense.

    Maribe, Linus Kaikai, Jamila Mohammed during the surprise birthday party
    Maribe with Political editor Francis Gachuri during the surprise birthday party
    Jacque Maribe with her boss Linus Kaikai
    Maribe's Birthday cake .

    Irungu raised complaints that he had not been taken for surgery but only subjected to physiotherapy at the Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) seeking to be allowed to seek further treatment in a different hospital.

    However, Dr. Benjamin Obwire, who is specialist in plastic and rehabilitative surgery at KNH took to the witness dock declaring that Irungu does not need any surgery based on tests run by the hospital.

    Jacque Maribe and Joseph Irungu embracing each other in court on Tuesday