Moses Kuria's Responds After President Uhuru's "Washenzi" Remarks

  • Gatundu South legislator Moses Kuria Twitter
  • Gatundu South legislator Moses Kuria on Monday made a rejoinder after President Uhuru Kenyatta's scathing "washenzi" scold.

    Speaking during the ground-breaking ceremony for the Mama Ngina Waterfront Project in Mombasa, a visibly agitated Uhuru stated, "Kwa hivyo hao washenzi waachane na mimi. Na hivyo ndivyo itakua (Those bothering should leave me alone. That is how it will be)," he quipped.

    Hours later, Kuria took to social media reiterating his earlier stance on the marginalization of the Mt Kenya region in Jubilee's development agenda.

    President Uhuru Kenyatta speaking at Mombasa on Monday

    "His Excellency the President is 100% right. He is spot on. We need development in every corner of this country.

    "It is in that spirit and in line with the President’s position that I believe Mt Kenya region also deserves development just like any other region. Right now it’s not happening," Kuria retorted.

    The MP had in the past criticised Uhuru of taking the development agenda elsewhere and forgetting his Mt Kenya backyard.

    Kuria threw the first salvo during the New Year eve celebrations in Thika saying that the region's voters would no longer be used as voting machines without benefiting from the regime.

    Noting that the president was in his last term, the MP said that it is high time that Mt Kenya benefits from Uhuru's presidency.

    Moses Kuria addressing revelers at Thika stadium during new year celebration

    The remarks, however, attracted a scathing attack from the Head of State who reminded him that every citizen of the country is entitled to development.

    "Wale wanatapatapa huko na siasa duni, sisi tumesema kwamba maendeleo haitakua inapatikana kwa sababu kiongozi ametoka pahali fulani (Those moving around politicking, we have decided that development will no longer be distributed according to where the President hails from)," Uhuru quipped.