2 Dead in Malava as Building Collapses During Demolition

  • Two people in Malava, Kakamega County, were confirmed dead after a building collapsed and trapped them in.

    According to reports, the two were part of the team demolishing a wall in the building.

    The building collapsed while the two were pushing a section of it, burying them beneath the rubble.

    “They might not have anticipated that the wall would fall almost immediately, it must have come as a surprise before they thought of moving away," a witness who was working at the site during the incident reported.

    He also revealed that he had invited the two to assist them in bringing down the wall, oblivious that the tragedy would happen.

    When the building collapsed, it was too late to salvage the victims.

    "I had invited them to assist me to bring down the wall and while we were inside the house, they decided to push it from outside, we just saw the wall collapse, unfortunately, the two were not spared,” he added.

    Area Chief Simon Aswani, while confirming the incident, noted that the tragedy would have been averted had the victims been more careful during the demolitions.

    He urged construction workers to be keen in their duties and ensure that their safety is upheld.

    The two bodies were taken for preservation in Malava Sub-county Hospital.