Tuju Given 7-Day Ultimatum by Jubilee Politicians

  • A section of Jubilee party members have expressed their discontent with their Secretary General Raphael Tuju, giving him a seven-day ultimatum to either apologise or resign from the outfit.

    The MCAs hailing from the Rift Valley Region held a presser on Saturday demanding that Tuju retract his statements that DP Ruto was not the automatic party candidate in the 2022 presidential race.

    "If he is not supportive of the leadership of Jubilee, let him resign and join Raila or whoever he wants to join and leave our Jubilee Party alone. We are giving him seven days to apologise or resign," the MCAs demanded. 

    They further threatened to withhold their monthly contributions if the situation was not resolved to their satisfaction.

    The succession politics in the party have been rife with the resignation of Vice-chair David Murathe.

    DP Ruto has on occasion stated that he was ready to support any other person chosen to contest on the Jubilee party ticket to succeed President Uhuru Kenyatta.

    DP Ruto noted that in case he fails to be selected as the flagbearer, he would not depart from Jubilee adding that he would support the chosen candidate.

    “In 2022 I will present myself, if Jubilee gives me or I am elected the Jubilee party candidate, I will run as a Jubilee member. Uhuru Kenyatta being the party leader, I am sure, confident and can put it in writing that Uhuru Kenyatta will support whoever Jubilee nominates in 2022,” stated DP Ruto.

     He held that it is only after he has been nominated as the sole presidential candidate for the party that he would confidently expect the blessings to run for the top seat.