Car With Same Number Plate as That in Dusit Attack Found

  • Detectives have traced a car with the same registration number with the vehicle that was used by terrorists during Tuesday's Riverside attack.

    The vehicle, a Toyota Ractis KCN 340E, was found parked at an apartment in Newvalley area of Kitengela.

    The owner of the car who resides at Geojoska Apartments was arrested in the raid that involved officers from the Anti-Terror Unit.

    Here are photos of the vehicle:

    Earlier in the day, NTSA has revealed the owner of the vehicle used to ferry the terrorists to the Dusit D2 complex on the day of the attack.

    The Toyota blue Ractis used by the terrorists to access the complex was registered in the NTSA database on October 13, 2017.

    According to their database, the vehicle, registration number KCN 340E, belongs to a company named Cynkim Investment Limited.

    Eyewitnesses told reporters that the car had been spotted at least three times in the establishment before the attack happened.

    One even claimed that the driver gave him Kshs 100 to watch over the vehicle the first time the Toyota Ractis was seen in the complex.