Australian Killed at Riverside Attack Moments Before Meeting Girlfriend

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  • A Kenyan girl is now grappling with the sudden death of her foreign lover who was killed moments before they met.

    Marcus Rodriguez, an Australian aged 36, had flown to Kenya to see his girlfriend, Esylovians Meli, but differences arose on where he should stay for the two weeks.

    Rodriguez had planned to check in to a hotel in Karen but she insisted that he stay at a hotel nearer to town so the two could easily meet. She settled for Dusit D2.

    I regret making him change his mind. He could be alive now if I had not put my foot down on having him stay at Dusit D2.

    I insisted on the hotel because it was easily accessible for me from town. I checked him in on Sunday night,” she told the Standard amidst tears.

    Kenyatta University Student Esylovians Meli

    She further blamed herself for yet another contradiction on the fateful day when Rodriguez wanted to go swimming.

    Meli, a Kenyatta University student, had insisted that he could not go out swimming without her and so he reluctantly gave in to her demands.

    Maybe if he went out swimming as he wanted, he could be alive,” she continued.

    Shortly after 1am, she disclosed that she got a four-minute call from him revealing that they had been attacked by terrorists.

    That was the last she heard from him.

    Rodriguez was among the 21 people, including an American, who perished during the attack that took place on Tuesday afternoon and lasted for close to 20 hours.

    Security agents, members of press and firefighters the scene