Security Guards in Public Places to be Armed

  • Security guard during a parade inspection Twitter
  • Security guards manning public places will be licensed to carry firearms while on duty after fresh training, Private Security Regulatory CEO Fazul Mohammed announced on Friday.

    In a press conference held at Railway grounds, Fazul cited various issues that will be handled before the guards could be allowed to carry firearms.

    A proper and rigorous security vetting for all private security officers working in the industry will be done.

    Also, a drafted curriculum which will be mandatory for all officers working within the private security industry. The curriculum will emphasize on counter-terrorism.

    Private Sector Regulatory Authority CEO Fazul Mohammed with IG Joseph Boinnet

    The CEO further cited that firearms will be issued for specific purposes and assignment to specific officers. The officers include; those who guard key installations especially places there is a lot of traffic such as malls, hotels, cash transit and VIP protection.

    He stated that the guards would be offered proper minimum wage, “the issue of the salary is very key because if we give a salary to an officer who is not well renumerated, the firearm might be misused."

    He added that they wanted to make sure that all private companies paid a minimum wage of Kshs15,000, extra hours Kshs8,700, house allowance of Kshs2000 and responsibility allowance. All this accumulates to at least Ksh25,000.

    Fazul stated that people from the national police, national counter-terrorism, national defense, national intelligence would be included, the whole idea being to integrate officers into the national assembly.

    When asked if issuing firearms might increase the crime rate, Fazul stated that everyone issued with firearms will have ballistic tests taken and at some point, the government will know who has which firearm and what they are doing with it.

    He added, after shifts, the firearms will be taken to the company management for safe keeping.

    Security guards attached to a local firm during an operation