Uhuru Kenyatta & 5 Kenyan Politicians Spotted With Guns [PHOTOS]

  • According to Anthony Wahome, the secretary-general of National Gun Owners Association (NGOA), there are about 14,000 guns in private hands and about 10,000 licensed firearm owners.

    Among the many Kenyans who own guns include politicians. Here is a list of politicians seen by Kenyans.co.ke handling guns:

    President Uhuru Kenyatta 

    In 2016 while commissioning more than 30 armored vehicles for the police service, The President was seen handling and inspecting a gun mounted on top of an Armoured Personnel amid an intensified fight against terror.

    Elsewhere, in an undated photo, the president was seen with what appeared to look like a shotgun bulging out of his shirt.

    The president was allegedly in a shooting range.

    William Ruto

    In 2015, Deputy President William Ruto showed his skills at handling a rifle in Turkana during a  launch of a government programme on registration of firearms across the country.

    Mike Mbuvi Sonko

    Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko was among a number of politicians who visited the scene of Riverside attack on Wednesday.

    However, it was the contents of his jacket pocket, that caught the attention of Kenyans online.

    Many observed the lining of his pocket and speculated that he was concealing a firearm in a rather casual manner.

    Nonetheless, a representative from his office rubbished the claims claiming Sonko was carrying a power bank. 

    Elsewhere in 2013, Sonko posted a picture with a gun which was allegedly supposed to be a warning to journalists who concentrated on chatter about people’s families and children.

    Babu Owino

    While on campus, the controversial SONU Chair, Babu Owino portrayed the lifestyle of a flamboyant and very wealthy man.

    According to him, he made his cash from businesses which reportedly included several nightclubs.

    Therefore, with all that money in his bank account, security was of utmost importance and perhaps that’s why he posted a photo holding a G3A3 assault rifle.

    Former nominated Senator Paul Njoroge

    Former nominated senator Paul Njoroge was caught on camera cocking a pistol and appeared to shoot at the then Vivo Energy Kenya Managing Director Polycarp Igathe.

    However, in his defense, Njoroge stated that he was forced to shoot in the air after alleged goon hired by Igathe charged at him and started throwing stones at him.

    He accused Igathe taking advantage of his proximity to power to intimidate him and other Kenyans in the fuel industry.

    Steve Mbogo

    Following the Tuesday terror attack at 14 Riverside Drive, politician Steve Mbogo caught the attention of many Kenyans after a picture and a video of him with a bullet-proof vest, armed with a semi-automatic rifle appeared on social media.

    In the video clip, Mbogo was seen walking around the scene and talking about the direction the gunmen took during the raid.

    Kenyans on the social media platforms criticized him for his actions, saying he was not offering much help.

    Others said he was only after the publicity that came with the on-goings at Dusit complex.


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