Mildred Odira's Body Found With Injuries Among Other Findings

  • Expressive clues have started to emerge on the death of Mildred Odira, who worked as a switchboard operator for Foresight Company at Nation Centre.

    The clues reveal that Odira had been subjected to maltreatment before her death leading to the development of a series of questions.

    The body of the late Odira was found at the City Mortuary on Monday days after she went missing.

    An examination on the body of the deceased showed that she had injuries on her face. She also had evidence of a crushed lower section of her body.

    Her trouser was also torn on the top part and the underwear slightly lowered implying the possibility of a struggle with an unknown person.

    She was last seen by security guards in Kariobangi South, her residence, at around 4am on Tuesday last week.

    The security guards hailed a taxi to take her to hospital on the said morning.

    Ms Odira was unwell since she had been recently diagnosed with diabetes, hypertension, and ulcers.

    When he was questioned about her, the taxi driver indicated that he had dropped her off at Ruaraka Uhai Neema Hospital and left after about 20 minutes.

    Hospital records, however, indicated that the taxi entered the hospital gates at 4.30am and left at 5.57am.

    Records at the morgue indicate that the body was brought in by Kasarani police officers at 6.31am on Tuesday. Her identity was unknown at the time.

    Administrators at the morgue also indicated that the police officers alluded to finding the body in areas of Mwiki.