Kitui County Assembly Speaker George Ndotto Involved in Accident

  • ​An accident scene in Kenya

  • Kitui County Assembly Speaker George Mutua Ndotto narrowly escaped death on Friday night after being involved in a freak accident.

    Ndotto, who is serving his second term, was heading home when his car rammed into an oncoming matatu. Media reports indicate that he sustained a head injury.

    He was on his way back from Koma 2 Convention that was held in Matungulu, Machakos County earlier on Friday.

    Kitui County Assembly Speaker with Governor Charity Ngilu

    After being rescued, Ndotto was stabilized and rushed to a nearby hospital where he’s currently under observation.

    The speaker has been at loggerheads with Kitui County Governor Charity Ngilu. Their perennial political supremacy battles often result in a stalemate in the executive.

    Ngilu and Ndotto have not seen eye to eye since 1992 when the latter attempted to dislodge the former CS as the MP for Kitui Central.

    In January, Ngilu criticized Ndotto’s leadership after the county assembly rejected her supplementary budget.

    "You all know that the assembly is headed by a man who unsuccessfully tried to unseat me for 20 years as the MP for Kitui Central, and theirs is just an agenda to frustrate me," she stated.

    Ngilu went on to explain that she was ready to have the county government dissolved if that is was it would take to end the impasse.

    She described the move as "an ultimate arbitration by Kitui people through the ballot."

    Kitu County Assembly Speaker George Ndotto poses for a photo with his county assembly members