How President Uhuru Was Tricked Into Presenting 50,000 Fake Title Deeds

  • President Uhuru Kenyatta and Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko issuing title deeds. Twitter
  • Details have emerged that President Uhuru Kenyatta may have been duped into presenting dummy titles deeds during a ceremony at Jacaranda Grounds, Nairobi in May 2018. 

    According to Nation, Nairobi Lands Cabinet Executive Charles Kerich was put to task by Nairobi County Assembly Planning Committee Chairperson Anthony Kiragu on Friday to explain what transpired. 

    “As a committee, we want to know who lied to the President that 50,000 titles were ready whereas that was not the truth," enquired Kiragu.

    Nairobi Lands Cabinet Executive Charles Kerich at his swearing-in ceremony.

    The Lands CEC explained that the figure was arrived at based on a realistic target that they thought could be met.

    Kerich reportedly confirmed that so far only 623 titles had been issued to Nairobi residents.

    He further clarified that 30,000 of the titles were to be issued by the county government while the rest would be handled by the national government. 

    The committee further enquired about law firms that were asking Nairobi residents to pay Ksh30,000 to process the titles. 

    Kerich told the MCAs that City Hall had outsourced the firms because it would take the government 10 years to process the titles internally. 

    Governor Mike Sonko is set to issue 423 title deeds that have already been processed with another 1,200 having been forwarded to the acting County Attorney David Oseko for sealing and signing.

    During the presentation of the documents, the president had noted that some investors in the city lived in fear because they had put up buildings on parcels of land without title deeds and time had come for them to get their right.

    “Those to whom we have issued with titles today will know Nairobi is also theirs,” he announced.

    When reached out to Nairobi Lands CEC, he denied the allegations and challenged anyone who was issued with a dummy title to come forward. 

    President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto issue title deeds to Nairobi residents at Jacaranda Grounds.