EACC Freezes Accounts of Wajir Governor's Kin

  • Wajir Governor Mohamed Abdi Mahamud File
  • The Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission (EACC) on Friday moved to have accounts of a nephew to Wajir Governor, Mohamed Abdi, frozen over graft allegations.

    In addition, the commission was also granted its request to have Wajir county assembly clerk, Osman Mohamed arrested on Friday in connection to the same corruption allegations.

    Armed with warrants from the court, the commission decreed that accounts registered under Daayo Construction and General Supplies Limited and Fine Trust Construction Company at the Kenya Commercial Bank, Wajir branch, frozen for six months pending investigations.

    EACC spokesman Yassin Amaro affirmed that the action taken against the clerk was because he refused to produce key documents pertaining to the ongoing investigation into the use of Ksh26 million.

    Wajir County Assembly Clerk Osman Mohamed

    "Our officers have today arrested the county clerk for withholding some documents that ascertain the purchase of a highly valued governor’s vehicle," the spokesman revealed.

    The county assembly clerk had been asked to produce documents that would substantiate the purchase of a Ksh26 million car for the governor but had failed to do so.

    The accused are suspected of defrauding the county of the stated amount, allegedly used to buy two county vehicles, but was instead used in the purchase of a second-hand vehicle whose price the commission felt was inflated.

    It is alleged that the funds were diverted to the frozen accounts thus leading the commission to have them frozen to facilitate investigations.

    The agency also impounded the vehicle, a second hand Toyota Landcruiser V8, allegedly bought at Ksh14 million, for inspection and valuation.

    EACC headquarters in Nairobi

    The move by the commission comes barely a month since they raided Wajir county’s finance offices over the graft allegations.