KenGen's Robot Dog to Fix Monkey Menace Behind National Blackout

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  • Innovators at KenGen have created a robot dog which they intend to use to scare away monkeys that cause trouble at their stations. 

    The fabricated mechanical dog has sensors that cover a radius of 25 metres apart at 180 degrees. 

    Anything that is moving and comes within that radius is picked up and signals are sent to the relays that set off the other systems.

    A monkey that tripped on power cables at KenGen, causing a countywide blackout in 2016.

    The robot dog then moves its jaws up and down and barks with the help of an installed audio player inside it.

    The recorded audios are of a dog barking and a monkey in distress, which is very scary for monkeys and will make them take off.

    A signal is also sent to the control room to alert the security personnel of the intruder.

    Dogs which the locals have been using to protect their crops from the primates have their limitations, which has lead to the creation of the robot. 

    “Dogs also have their limitations and demands and so the recommendation is for a robot called a DogWatch," stated a proposal by KenGen.

    The electricity generation company has already applied for a patent for their innovation that they claim will comprehensively deal with the monkey menace that the electricity company blamed for a countrywide blackout on June 7, 2016.

    Currently, the measures used to keep the animals away include Kenya Wildlife Service personnel who scare away the monkeys with rubber bullets once in a while.

    A KenGen geothermal powerplant