Justice Erastus Githinji Set to Retire

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  • One of the longest-serving judges in Kenya is preparing to exit the stage after a 44-year stint.

    Justice Erastus Githinji, who joined the bench in 1975, was recently transferred from Nairobi to Kisumu as he prepares for his retirement.

    In June 2016, the Supreme Court ruled that judges must retire at 70 years and not 74 years as was the case in the old Constitution.

    Justice Erastus Githinji

    As such, judges who were trained in the 70s are set to leave office after walking the corridors of justice for four decades.

    Those who are set to retire this year include Justice Erastus Githinji, Justice Philip Waki and Justice Alnashir Visram.

    Githinji, who happens to be the eldest of the three, was lucky to survive several purges that saw several judges and magistrates sent home.

    He will be remembered by many even after leaving office because of a controversial ruling in which he disagreed with judges Hannah Okwengu and Jamila Mohammed.

    In his ruling, Githinji stated that marriage is made of equals. Therefore, it would be unfair for men not to claim maintenance from their wives after divorce.

    He further stated that the fact that men rarely come out to seek maintenance was the reason why cases of women seeking upkeep were more pronounced.

    Justice Philip Waki