Mbagathi Hospital Explains Blunder That Made Mother Walk 5Km With Dead Baby

  • Immaculate Auma during an interview with journalists Twitter
  • Mbagathi Hospital has finally come clean about the circumstances that led a mother to walk five Kilometres with her dead baby.

    Maintaining that Immaculate Auma's six-month infant did not pass on while at the facility, the hospital conceded that its inefficiencies led to her mother trekking with the dead infant.

    Speaking at Mbagathi Hospital on Monday, Nairobi Health Executive Charles Kerich explained that the baby was declared dead by a pediatric clinical officer at 9:45am when the mother arrived with the infant.

    He further disclosed that the hospital referred the mother to file a notification and before they could assist her to move the body, the mother left with the baby.

    Nairobi Health Executive Charles Kerich with other officials during a briefing

    “A nurse at the hospital offered to assist Immaculate to organise for transportation to the police station and onward to the mortuary.

    "However, while the hospital was organising for a vehicle, the mother was discovered to have left with the body of her child,” explained Kerich.

    On February 13, 2019, reported that the mother had taken the child for the treatment of pneumonia at the Mbagathi Hospital but he, unfortunately, passed away.

    Auma, who was forced to hold her dead baby for hours, told reporters that she had brought the infant to the facility's morgue but was yet to be served two hours later.

    According to the grandmother of the infant, Liner Atieno, however, the child died while being treated by a doctor at the facility.

    She added that the doctor, who was treating the child before he died, was also reluctant to help admit the body into the morgue.

    "He referred us to the nearby Kenyatta police post to collect an OB number," Atieno indicated.

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